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About us

May Flower - Specialist in promotional textiles and branded business gifts

May Flower offers a diverse assortment of kitchen, bath, table and bed linen collections for all kinds of retailers such as department stores, boutiques and specialist shops. The productions are table cloth, table runner, table mat, tea towel, apron, cushion, bath towel, beach towel, face towel and tote bag, etc.

Besides the realization of our own collections,May Flower develops private label, business gifts, loyalty programs and promotions for all kinds of companies.
May Flower offers custom made linen products, in accordance with your quality specifications andguidelines about logos and colors.

We have competitive prices for personalized products in toweling, bed, kitchen or table linen. Your customer will remind you by the good quality for a long time

Our Advantages: Factory price with best service and supplying new designs


Contact: Maggie Fu

Phone: +86-15866706331

Tel: +86-531-82357176

Email: fumaggie@maypromotion.com

Add: Room 317, QiluSoftware Building, Shanda Road 228, Lixia District, Jinan, Shandong, China

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